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  • Hamburg Fish/Food/Veggie Technologist m/w/d

  • The position is based to the North of Hamburg, Germany, with an option to work in Berlin in the future. 

  • You have a Master’s degree or PhD in  Biotechnology, Food Technology, Food Science or related fields 

  • You have experience in the Product Development of Fish/Meat/Veggie Products

GFIC recruits for a biotechnological start up the

Senior Food Technologist / Food Scientist m/f/d Fish Cells


  • or  mission is to create delicious, healthy seafood directly from fish cells.

  • We bring cell biotechnology and food technology together to make cultivated fish a reality.

  • Our goal is to ensure that the seafood we know and love can be enjoyed for generations to come, without harming animals or our planet’s fragile ocean ecosystems.

  • We know it is a daunting task, but are confident and ready to take the plunge together!

  • A fundamental step on the path to cultivated seafood is creating delicious, familiar fish products from cultured cells.

  • To this end, we are looking for a full-time senior food scientist/food technologist to join our existing cell biology and food technology teams.

  • As our senior food scientist, you will elucidate the distinct flavors and textures of our target fish, develop products and recipes that highlight these factors, and make decisions about the feasibility of their implementation.

  • You will work closely with the cell and media development teams, iteratively building off one another’s needs and progress.

  • You should be a hands-on leader, comfortable with both co-managing a diverse food tech team and navigating the interplay between the food and biology facets of product development.

  • Our ideal candidate is a lover of seafood, passionate about both our mission and the challenging task of capturing the essence of the ocean in our cultivated fish products.

  • Now is a particularly exciting time to join us , as you will be a foundational member of our core team. This presents a unique opportunity to shape the company’s future trajectory and expand your experience in the cultivated seafood research and industrial space. If you strive to work at the confluence of sustainability, biotechnology, and food innovation, we are

  • the place for you.

What you can expect

  • Utilize your skills and experience in a high-impact area

  • Be part of a dedicated, international team of world-class scientists, engineers, and

    entrepreneurs in a fast-paced and exciting startup environment

  • Exercise independence and creativity in your research

  • Contribute to a technology with the potential to shift global food production


What you will be responsible for

  • Supporting building a team of 5-10 industry-experienced food tech scientists

  • Development and design of cell-based seafood products with scientific, technical,

    and commercial feasibility in mind

  • Developing and conducting analytical experiments to improve our products, such as aroma compound assessment, sensory and consumer tests,

  • Determining downstream quality measures such as shelf life, stability in various

    environments, and storage and handling requirements

  • Applying appropriate food safety standards in ingredient and processing decisions

  • Constantly refining our recipes in iterative cycles with input from cell and media

    development teams, using both hands-on and digital methods

  • Project planning, experimental design, data analysis, and troubleshooting

  • Building and leveraging connections and cooperations with other companies in the space to source ingredients, integrate additional qualifications, and assess feasibility and cost effectiveness

  • Rigorous documentation, reporting, and presentation of data

How can you uniquely support us?



  • Master’s degree or PhD in Food Biotechnology, Food Technology, Food Science or related fields

  • 5+ years of product development with experience commercialising a product through all stages of bench, pilot, and scale

  • Strong proficiency in processing technologies and equipment

  • Understanding of flavour science on a molecular level

  • Proven track record of innovative R&D projects in start-up or industry environment

  • Experience in project management and capacity to design, perform and analyze


  • Ability to think and work independently and manage multiple projects


  • Prior specialisation on seafood science

  • Experience in culinary, restaurant, or fine dining industries

  • Experience in regulatory and quality considerations as well as with GMP-compliant

    process automation

  • Experience in up-stream and down-stream process development

What we can offer you

  • We are the first company in Europe working on creating healthy seafood made directly from fish cells. If you decide to join us on this exciting journey, you will:

  • Combine science with an impactful commercial application

  • Be an essential part of our team while receiving the support and freedom you need

    to outperform yourself in your projects

  • Work with ambitious, friendly co-workers in a state-of-the-art laboratory


  • Work in the beautiful, historic city of Lübeck with the future option to operate in our

    headquarters in the vibrant capital of Berlin

  • Have a competitive salary

  • 26 days of paid leave per year

  • Enjoy flexible working hours at 40h per week

We look forward to learning all about you!

We are  committed to ensuring a fair and equal recruitment process. All applicants will be treated equally, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, social status, race, ethnic origin, religious belief, age, or disability status.

Please describe in your cover letter your experience for this

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